Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Jogos 3d De Teck Deck

Bontée divine.

Oh my sweet!

My god I am ashamed. Pfff. Just heaven. Ye stone me someone. Hey, tse, frankly, I'm not even come for the entire month of December on my blog. It's pretty pathetic to you that your taste? No, but must be done, I put a video online that says j't'un "freak" Christmas me the worst winery I have not the whole month of Christmas.

for Moe I spent too much time with my guests at work. They are the answers. Yeah, right. It is not self-correct the other for the opportunity to keep them alone. Chained like a caged animal they prevented me from coming to my blog. . . . Even I think so. It is not credible for two pennies that I just said. (I could say pesos instead of penny but it was too long to write. Anyway)

Not without filling, I TOO THAT work during December. Anyway must say is I who have tried. With three job. Should not be as bright a one hundred watt for wanting to Pogner 3 jobs during the holidays. It's like being nude dancer will be worse nun-sexologist, even Santa Claus believes in it. (Not flies but, being sister and spread something other than "good news" for students, kind of STD is not clean.)

In any case, it at least allowed me to also gathered for myself enough money to give me a cushion. (To "make a pillow" expression of shit. "Larousse Pocket Dictionary 2011) If only I had really done a" cushion ". Well no, I am still a freak fack sent Christmas spending on gifts worse Bozo.

short, the year ends in few days and laid back and a good balance of 2010, I am still proud of what I could do. Get in shape, (Resolution 2010; Check) Add more numbers to my humor (Resolution 2010; Check) kidnap 14 children and sell them on Ebay to give me a cushion. (Resolution 2010, I still have to find 3) The year is not over yet parcontre. I remain hopeful. Meanwhile

to everyone I wish you a happy new year 2011 and enjoy it to the max. Do not be afraid to want more, meet new challenges. To advance. That's what makes that end of the year, with hindsight it is pretty proud of this we have made.



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